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Hillsboro High School has a long tradition of being the highest achieving zone school in Nashville, and one of the top performing zone schools in Tennessee. Students have the opportunity to participate in world-class academic, arts and athletic programs.

Hillsboro is unique as both an IB World School and an Academy School. Hillsboro offers three different IB programs: the Diploma Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Career Certificate Programme. IB offers advanced academics that prepare students for the rigor of the most elite universities, and it's open and accessible to all students who choose to participate. In addition to the IB Diploma program, we offer two career academies at Hillsboro: the Academy of Global Health & Science and the Academy of International Business & Communication. These academy programs give students the opportunity to choose their course of study and learn in the context of real-world occupations through business and community partnerships. Partners include McNeely, Pigot & Fox, Blood Assurance, US Community Credit Union (students have the opportunity to work in an on-campus credit union) and Vanderbilt University, which provides access to world-class scientists for our interdisciplinary science and research program.

Other academic programs include Advanced Placement classes, blended learning, which combines traditional classroom instruction with technology-enabled, student-guided lessons, and the college readiness program AVID.

Finally, Hillsboro's commitment to excellence in both the arts and athletics help provide wraparound extra-curricular opportunities that are among the best in our state. As an open-enrollment school, we have students from across Nashville enrolled in Hillsboro. Our students come together to form a society that is inclusive and supportive-one that challenges all students to be their best.


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6:45 A.M. - 2:05 P.M.

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District 8