Freshman Academy

Freshmen Academy


To provide successful transition into high school through nurturing relationships that focus on core academics, proper study habits, conflict resolution, and character building. 

Freshman Academy Principal

Freshman Academy Counselor

Freshman Academy Dean of Students

About the Freshman Academy
All incoming Freshmen are enrolled in the Freshman Academy

Courses: English, Math, Science, World Language, Fine Arts, Wellness, Social Studies, and Freshman Seminar

Freshmen Seminar:
• The foundation course of the Academy Model
• Building college, career, and life skills.
• Assist in a successful transition to high school.
• Course Components:

 You Science Survey
A survey that identifies and combines interest and aptitude to help match students with the best-fit personal real-world career.

 Career Exploration Fair
Students explore and engage with local professionals in various career areas.

 Approaches to Learning & Self-Management Skills
Students develop study and organizational strategies, writing to learn skills, and critical thinking/questioning.

 College Visits
Every student will visit a local college campus to observe the college experience.

 Professional Skills Indicators
Professional skills are visible in all phases of life and are value-added skills essentials to any career.
Students will explore these skills by engaging in meaningful discussion and activities.
(Attendance and Punctuality, Personal Presentation, Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness,
Quality Commitment, Ethics and Initiative, and Execution)

 Academy Selection
Students learn about the academies and pathways in several forms before selecting an academy
o completing engaging academy modules and activities
o attending academy informational presentations by the Academy Coach and academy students
o visiting each academy and pathway class
o attending a Q/A session with academy student ambassadors
o a one-on-one counselling session with the Freshman Academy Counselor