Academic Programs & Courses at Hillsboro

Hillsboro High School requires 27.5 credits accumulated in high school level courses: 4 English, 4 mathematics, 3 science, 3.5 social studies, 1 Lifetime Wellness, 0.5 physical education, 3 in an “elective focus” area, and additional electives to total 28 credits.

Students must choose a career or thematic academy in 10th grade, which will determine the courses that will satisfy the elective focus requirement.

The career and thematic academies available at Hillsboro are the Academy of Global Health and Sciences, the US Community Credit Union Academy of International Business and Communications, and the Academy of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

  • Students in the Academy of Global Health and Sciences must complete their elective focus requirement in one of three pathway options. The first pathway option is Therapeutic Clinical Services consisting of courses in Health Science, Anatomy & Physiology, and Medical Assisting. The second pathway option is Sports & Human Performance, which consists of courses in Health Science, Rehabilitation Careers, and Exercise Science. The third pathway is Interdisciplinary Sciences and Research, which is taught by an instructor from Vanderbilt University and includes four years of intensive science instruction and summer research requirements.
  • The US Community Credit Union Academy of Business and Communications houses three pathway options. Marketing Management includes courses in Marketing I, Social Media Marketing Analytics, and Public Relations and Advertising. In the second pathway, Audio Visual (A/V) Production, students take courses in A/V I, A/V II, and A/V III. In the third pathway, Banking and Finance, students take courses in Accounting I, Banking and Finance, and Financial Planning.
  • The Academy of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme houses two pathway options. The first pathway option is Advanced STEM Applications consisting of courses in Advanced STEM applications I, Advanced STEM Applications II, and Advanced STEM Applications III. The second pathway option is Diploma Programme. Students that select this pathway are obligated to complete the specific requirements to earn the IB Diploma as established by the International Baccalaureate Organization. This program consists of IB-level courses in six core academic areas including English, history, mathematics, science, world languages, and the arts. These courses can be taken at either Standard Level (150 hours of study) or Higher Level (240 hours of study). In addition to the six core subjects, students are also required to take a course titled Theory of Knowledge, write a 4,000-word research-based Extended Essay, and complete a Creativity, Action, and Service program. Due to the nature of the A/B schedule all IB courses are taught over two years in order to meet the contact hour’s requirement.
  • The 31 International Baccalaureate classes offered include Personal and Professional Skills I and II, Biology II and III SL/HL, Business & Management I and II SL/HL, English Language Literature I and II SL/HL, French Ab Initio I and II, History of the Americas I and II, Math Applications I and II SL/HL, Math Analysis II SL/HL, Physics II SL/HL, Psychology I and II SL/HL, Spanish I and II SL/HL, Sports Exercise Science I and II SL, Theatre Arts I and II SL/HL, Theory of Knowledge I and II, Visual Art I and II SL/HL. Most courses are available to junior and senior students not in the IB Diploma Programme academy but who are interested in becoming course completers in a specific subject area.

Other course options:

  • Hillsboro High offers 2 Advanced Placement courses in the subjects of Human Geography and Spanish.

  • Four Dual Enrollment courses through Nashville State Community College are offered in English Composition I, English Composition II, Basic Anatomy & Physiology, and Medical Terminology.

  • Four additional Dual Enrollment courses are offered to ISR pathway students through Tennessee Tech.

  • Twenty-two honors level courses are offered in Biology I, Chemistry I, English I, English II, English III, English IV, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, Integrated Math III, Interdisciplinary Science I, Interdisciplinary Science II, Interdisciplinary Science III, Interdisciplinary Science IV, Pre-calculus with Trig, Research I, Research II, Research III, Spanish II, Spanish III, U.S. History and Geography, World History and Geography.

Advanced Academic Opportunities 

Hillsboro also provides students with many different opportunities to learn and enroll in advanced coursework. Learn more about the advanced academic opportunities we offer on our Advanced Academics page. To enroll in a specific class, contact your school counselor.